Are Septic Systems Covered by Home Insurance?

Your home and its contents are likely your largest and most valuable assets. This is why purchasing home insurance is such a crucial investment. However, even a comprehensive policy won’t protect you from all possible eventualities. To ensure your property is fully protected, you’ll need to enhance your base policy with additional coverage. One of the most important to consider is sewer back-up insurance.

Septic System Coverage

This type of additional home insurance coverage applies to losses resulting from the back-up or leak of a sewer, drain line, sump pump, septic tank, downspout or eavestrough. Sewer back-up insurance is relatively inexpensive, but it can be invaluable in the event of loss due to sewage and water damage.

Why Is It Needed?

A common cause of sewer back-ups is pipe damage or blockages created by tree roots. In a search for moisture, the roots of shrubs and trees can burrow into the underground pipe that connects your home to the municipal sewer main. This can cause cracks, leaks and blockages. It’s important to note that since the maintenance and repair of this sewer line is the homeowner’s responsibility, damage caused by a back-up won’t be covered by the municipality.

Alternatively, a blockage in the sanitary sewer main could cause sewage to flow back into your home. The disposal of grease and cooking oils, paper towels, disposable diapers and feminine hygiene products down a drain can also create blockages that lead to a back-up.

Avoid Hazardous and Expensive Sewer Line Damage

Damage caused by a backed-up sewer, drain line or septic tank is often extensive and may be hazardous if the water was contaminated. This type of damage also tends to be hard to clean and expensive to repair. In addition to removing the water, all affected surfaces need to be disinfected or replaced. This can include floors, walls, carpets, drapes and plumbing fixtures.

Since sewer back-up insurance also applies to damage resulting from the overflow of a sump pump, downspout or eavestrough, this additional coverage is particularly recommended for homeowners who live in an area with a low water table, frequent heavy rainfall or substantial snowmelt in the spring.

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