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Motorcycle Insurance in Edmonton

MBS Insurance is a leading provider of motorcycle insurance in Edmonton.  Motorcycle insurance protects you against liabilities and physical damages in the unfortunate event you are involved in a motorcycle accident. We offer packages for both touring and sports bikes.

Coverage Features Includes:

  • Competitive Rates for Touring and Harley Davidson Motorcycles
  • Excellent Coverage and Rates for Drivers over 30
  • Physical Damage Available for Model years 1988 – Present
  • Must have Class 6 License
  • 12-Month Term

Edmonton Motorcycle Insurance Experts.

When the temperature warms up and the snow is but a memory of darker days past, nothing is more enticing than the open road. But even the most experienced driver is not immune to accidents. From sudden inclement weather to a speeding, reckless driver losing control, many outside factors can affect your safety on the road. Whether you are planning on riding solo or with a passenger, having the right insurance on your motorcycle gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

At MBS Insurance in Edmonton, we aim to provide riders of all ages with a safety net in the event of an accident. Though most of our packages are for touring bikes, we can also help you find the right insurance options for your sportbike.

motorcycle insurance Edmonton

Why Use a Broker from MBS Insurance?

Brokers Are Your Ally

Our brokers help you navigate the rough waters of the insurance world.

Simplifying the Insurance Process

Our brokers dedicate themselves to helping you find the best insurance policy for you and your needs.

Fast Results

A broker will quickly provide options from several providers for you to compare.

Exclusive Packages

Brokers will get you access to rates and packages only offered to brokerages.

Our team is licensed and governed by a strict code of ethics and is required to stay up to date on the latest rules and regulations of the insurance industry. While being the middleman between you and the insurance company, insurance brokers must disclose any commission or financial link to the companies they suggest to you. You can make an informed decision and sign with confidence knowing that the options presented to you were objectively the best for your unique situation.

Contact MBS for Motorcycle Insurance in Edmonton!

We are the leading full-service insurance brokerage in Edmonton. We serve the unique insurance needs of individuals and businesses. If you possess a Class 6 License and need motorcycle insurance in Edmonton or surrounding areas of Alberta, contact our office today or call 780.436.7880 to receive a free quote. Our experienced staff will go through the process of obtaining insurance for your motorcycle.