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11 Jul

Why Brokers Are Your Best Choice for Finding the Perfect Insurance Policy

Every day, you're probably bombarded by advertising from banks and insurance companies that want to sell you auto insurance and house insurance policies. These promotions may seem like great deals, but in the long run, to find the most appropriate insurance at the right price, you should consult a local insurance broker. In this week's blog, we break down several reasons why the insurance brokers at MBS can look out for your best interests and can find the right policy for your unique needs.

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House insurance in case of wildfire in Edmonton
28 Jun

How to Keep your Property Protected During Wildfire Season in Alberta

If you live in the boreal forest zone of the Prairie provinces, then you probably know that summer weather means the start of barbeques, baseball games, pool parties—and wildfires! These fires can cause a lot of damage to your property and a hefty amount of stress for your family. Here are some tips to help you avoid and handle catastrophe.

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water damage flooding
18 Jun

When It Comes to House Insurance, Are All Floods Protected Equally?

The flooding that many Edmontonians experienced last April made painfully clear, no one is totally safe from the potential damage that floods can cause. However, we can take preventive measures to ensure we’re prepared if they do happen. At MBS Insurance Brokers Ltd., we’d like to help everyone in Edmonton prepare for the worst, even if we’re all hoping for the best.

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Modern edmonton condo insurance
08 May

What’s Typically Covered: Your Insurance Vs the Condo Corporation

Buying a condo rather than house is often a smart decision. You get all the benefits of owning a property but don’t have the extensive maintenance costs of owning a yard, central heating system, and other things that come with a house. At the same time, there are aspects of owning a condo that are just as complicated as owning a house.

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Car insurance in Edmonton
08 Mar

Insurance Brokers Answer: “Can I let someone else drive my car?”

One of the most common questions we get is “is it ok to let someone else drive my vehicle?” The answer depends on who you are lending your vehicle to. For example, if they live with you, you need to disclose them as an operator in your household to your insurance company. Failure to do this could invalidate a claim.

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