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Everything You Should Know About Occasional Driver Insurance In Alberta

Occasional driver insurance is something every car owner should be aware of. To understand how it works, you first need to understand how regular car insurance works. 

Every car insurance policy lists a single primary driver. The primary driver is the person who drives the car most frequently. In some cases, however, occasional or secondary drivers should be on the policy too. 

The rules around insurance for occasional drivers vary from province to province. Here’s what you need to know about the system for listing primary and occasional drivers in Alberta.

how occasional drivers change your insurance

Answers to Common Questions About Occasional Driver Insurance in Alberta

In Alberta, an occasional driver is someone in a household who regularly uses a vehicle (like a spouse, child, or any other member of the family) but doesn’t drive it the most.

Here are answers to common questions you might have about occasional drivers.

Do occasional drivers get the same coverage as the primary driver?

Primary and occasional drivers get the very same coverage. 

When you add an occasional driver to your insurance, your insurance policy and the coverage on your policy remain the same.

When we speak of primary and occasional insurance, we refer to how car insurance providers list a driver within the policy and not the coverage itself.


Who needs to be listed as an occasional driver?

In Alberta, you must disclose every person in your household holding a valid driver’s license regardless of whether they drive the vehicle. 

Your insurance company will ask who insures them and the policy number to have their insurance and vehicle.

Also, you must add an occasional driver if anyone else drives your car regularly (whether a friend, neighbour or family member).


Who doesn’t need to be listed as an occasional driver?

You do not need to list someone as an occasional driver in certain situations.

For example, if someone needs to borrow your vehicle once or twice, or if you need to lend your vehicle to out-of-town visitors, you don’t need to add them to your policy as occasional drivers. 

Remember: Insurance follows the vehicle, not the person. Your car insurance will cover a driver if they are in an accident while driving your car. 

Not being listed is something many people get wrong when it comes to car insurance. If someone is driving your car and gets in an accident, the person is covered under the car’s insurance.

You should be aware depending on your policy, and your insurance rates will likely be affected in the event of an accident.


Does adding an occasional driver to my policy increase my rates?

Any time you make changes to an insurance policy, it could affect rates (for a list of circumstances in which you should change your policy, check out this blog post).

When adding an occasional driver, the increase to your rates will depend on the occasional driver’s age, experience, driving history, tickets, and history as an insured driver. 

Adding an experienced driver with a good driving record to your policy shouldn’t affect your rates much. However, expect an increase when adding a new driver or a driver with a poor driving record.

Occasional driver insurance is there to protect you, anyone in your car, and other people on the road if there is an accident. It is essential to consider getting occasional driver insurance if there are people in your household who regularly use your car.

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This article was originally published on October 28, 2021, and has been updated for 2021.