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factors for home insurance premium costs in Edmonton
25 Nov

Understanding Home Insurance Premiums in Edmonton

Home ownership is a symbol of success and of the Canadian dream. However, it also makes you susceptible to additional costs. Home insurance protects you from a number of physical damage risks such as fire, theft, hail and windstorm as well as personal liability lawsuits.

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Commercial insurance for construction jobs in edmonton
06 Nov

Commercial Insurance for Construction and Bonding

If you are a builder, contractor, sub-contractor, developer, owner or project manager planning a construction project it can be an exciting time as you prepare for your vision to become reality. There is a great deal of uncertainty in construction; however, and these projects often depend on multiple parties to fulfill their contractual obligations. That is why we regularly assist clients with insurance policies covering builder's risk, wrap-up liability, commercial general liability and bonding, including bid bonds, performance bonds and labour and material bonds. We also provide commercial vehicle insurance to businesses across Edmonton.

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home buying questions
22 Oct

Questions to Ask About a Home’s Condition Before Buying

It's finally to purchase a place you’ll call home. But, before firming up an offer to buy, it's important to have the condition of the home thoroughly checked to avoid potential headaches down the road. A home is possibly the largest investment you will ever make. Being vigilant about possible problems can help you make an informed decision on your purchase and anticipate future expenses. To protect yourself down the road, you may opt to purchase homeowners insurance and speak to an insurance broker in Edmonton to understand your options.

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condo insurance
06 Oct

Why Every Condo Owner Should Invest in Insurance

It is a common misconception that building insurance covers all of your housing insurance needs. The maintenance fees are usually so high that it seems like everything should be included. It’s nevertheless important to educate yourself about what is and isn’t covered in your maintenance fees so that you know what to look for when researching condo insurance in Edmonton.

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Planning an RV Road Trip
23 Sep

Planning an RV Road Trip

There is much excitement in planning an RV road trip and being in the driver’s seat of your own adventure. Part of the enjoyment is choosing where you will go, how long you will stay at each place, who will drive, what RV size and style to get, how many beds you will need and what you will take with you. Planning an RV trip can be exciting, but it is also important to budget all the costs, including making sure that you are protected by insurance.

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Protecting Your Valuables with a Personal Articles Floater
10 Sep

Protecting Your Valuables with a Personal Articles Floater

We all have personal items that have great value to us, whether it’s your grandmother’s ring, a rare autograph from a sports player, a valuable painting or special coins passed down to you. In order to protect these special items, special coverage is available alongside traditional condo, tenants, or homeowners insurance in Edmonton.

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24 Aug

Protect Your Farm with Commercial Insurance in Edmonton

According to the latest Statistics Canada Census of Agriculture data, there are 49,431 farms in Alberta, each averaging 1,055 acres of land in 2006. In 2005, 43.6 percent of farmers worked more than 40 hours a week on their farm operations and 54.6 percent of all farm operators had an off-farm job or business.

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disaster prepardness
13 Aug

Protecting Your Property Before Disaster Strikes in Edmonton

Your property is a valuable possession that can be better protected with preparation. Knowing you have taken preventative measures does not negate the consequences of an emergency but it can help you to sleep at night and make a tremendous difference in the event of an emergency.

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