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Working with an Insurance Broker in Edmonton
07 Oct

How an Insurance Broker Saves You Time and Money

Are you looking for the best insurance coverage at the best rates in Edmonton? Insurance brokers can save you time and money. Since Insurance Brokers are not affiliated to any one particular company, they have nothing to gain from recommending a particular product.

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distracted driving and car insurance rates
14 Jun

How Distracted Driving Can Affect Your Insurance Rate in Edmonton

According to CBC News, the RCMP now has a longer lens that can track a distracted driver from 1.2 km away. Over the Victoria Day long weekend officers were using these high quality lenses to catch distracted drivers across the country in addition to the traditional R.I.D.E. programs to catch drivers under the influence.

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home-based business insurance Edmonton
25 May

Insurance for a Home-Based Business in Edmonton

If you operate a business from your home, you should purchase insurance to protect your assets in the event of a loss. While you may believe that a regular home insurance policy is enough, this is not necessarily true. Home insurance is intended for non-commercial use, to protect your residential building, personal contents and personal liability.

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home and cottage rental insurance in Edmonton
06 May

Cottage Insurance for Your Rental Property Near Edmonton, Alberta

Like other kinds of property insurance, the type of cottage insurance you will need depends on the value of the property you insure, how you use it, and how frequently you are there. Because a cottage is considered to be occupied only part-time, there are additional risks for when the property is left vacant as damage might not be detected for some time and result in additional damage.

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protecting your home with insurance in Edmonton
25 Apr

Steps to Protect Your Home in Alberta While on Vacation

It’s exciting to leave for a vacation, but you also want your home to be protected while you are gone. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, consider arranging for a house sitter to visit your property regular. If instead you opt to leave your home vacant, there are some precautions you can take to protect your property as best as possible from damage or theft.

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road rage and increased Edmonton car insurance premiums
14 Apr

How Road Rage Can Affect Your Edmonton Car Insurance Policy

You have a busy life with a long to-do list and the day hasn’t even started. Enough sleep is a luxury you can hardly afford. The commute to work is a daily struggle as you navigate a high volume of traffic, sometimes even running late. At times you may encounter an aggressive driver who is similarly frustrated or you may become one yourself.

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reporting auto insurance fraud in Edmonton
21 Mar

Responding to Insurance Fraud in Alberta

It is important for residents of Alberta to understand and be aware of insurance fraud, as it costs policy owners millions of dollars each year in higher premiums. Anyone can be a target of insurance crime, whether you are just learning to drive or are highly experienced at driving. Knowing about insurance crime is the first step to preventing it. Reporting insurance crime is the next part of helping to stop abuse of the insurance system.

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