Boat Insurance

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Boat & Watercraft Insurance Policies for Edmonton Residents

Protect Your Personal Watercraft, Accessories and Equipment

Do you own a sailboat, yacht or other type of personal watercraft? MBS offers boat insurance in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Boating incidents can happen to anyone and you need to protect yourself, other boaters and sometimes even bystanders. You wouldn’t go on the water without a life preserver, would you? You shouldn’t be willing to go on the water without boat insurance either.

What Does a Boat Insurance Policy Typically Cover?

A policy includes coverage for liability and physical damages to your boat. However, it can be insured in a few different ways, and the types of coverage vary. Each type of unit (sailboat, yacht, etc.) has its own special kind of coverages and options available, including coverage for accessories and equipment.

Some Policies Can Be Added to Existing Policies

As an experienced insurance broker, we will review your specific needs and help you to determine what the most appropriate type of coverage is for you. Personal watercraft is loosely defined as anything less than 16ft long, while boats are considered 16-25ft long and yachts are anything over 26ft long.

How Do I Qualify for Boat Insurance in Edmonton?

There could be specific requirements for your boat insurance policy depending upon your age, the type of boat you want to insure, the boat’s value and its horsepower and maximum speed. Also, many insurance companies will require that you have obtained a boating license and possibly some additional certifications if you’re operating a larger watercraft. Where you intend to use the boat will also have some bearing upon what is available for coverage.

We’ll Help You Find the Right Coverage You Need

Because we are not a call centre, you can expect to receive personalized customer service from a dedicated broker whom you can contact directly with any questions. As we are located in Edmonton, you can rest assured we know the “ins and outs” of Alberta insurance to provide you with the type of coverage that suits your needs and meets all provincial requirements.

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Interested in discussing boat insurance within Edmonton with a member of our dedicated team? Contact us for insurance by phone at 780-436-7880 or via email at You can expect to receive a competitive quote back from us within 1-2 hours.