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Auto Insurance Claims

How to File a Car Accident Claim in Edmonton, Alberta

If you have been in a car accident in Edmonton, the insurance claim process will be a priority after police reporting and seeking required medical treatment. Collisions must be reported to your car insurance company immediately, regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

Reporting to the Insurer

You can contact the insurer about the accident by telephone. You must provide details of the accident, including:

  • the date and time of the accident
  • a detailed description of what happened
  • damages to vehicles or properties
  • if there were any injuries and a description of them.


Following the Insurance Act, an auto insurance adjuster will send you the forms you need to complete to make an insurance claim in Edmonton, such as the proof of loss and accident benefits forms.

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Proof of Loss Forms

By submitting completed proof of loss forms, you are documenting the damage or destruction to your property, attesting to the financial losses that occurred as a result of the accident, which in this case would be resulting from the car accident. The proof of loss forms available (depending on the circumstances) include:

  • Automobile Proof of Loss
  • Fireproof of Loss
  • Proof of Loss (Other Than Fire).

You must return the application form within the given period. Your insurer may also send you a proof of loss form, which shows how much your appraiser approved, along with a copy of the appraisal.

Accident Benefits Forms for Alberta Residents

To claim accident benefits in Edmonton, Alberta, Forms AB-1 and AB-2 must be completed and returned to the insurer. Form AB -1 is a Notice of Loss and Proof of Claim Form that you, as the claimant, or your authorized representative must sign. If you are unable to work because of your injuries and wish to apply for disability benefits, your medical doctor must complete the backside of this form to certify that you are unable to work because of your injuries. Form AB-2 is a Treatment Plan Form to be completed by your health care practitioner. The benefits you are approved for will depend on the type of injuries you incurred.

The injury type you sustained also affects the time limit you must return the completed forms. If your injury is diagnosed as a sprain, strain, or whiplash associated disorder, Form AB-1 must be submitted within ten days of the accident. If you have other types of injuries or you choose not to access the accident benefits described as the “Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols,” then you must submit the form within 30 days. The same 30-day period applies to access funeral, grief counselling, and death benefits if a family member is fatally injured in the collision. If you are unable to send the forms within the required timeframe, you should send them to your insurance company as soon as practicable, outlining the reason for the delay.

In section 2 of Form AB-1, you must provide authorization and consent to share your medical information with the insurance company. Failure to do so could result in an inability to obtain the treatment and care you need and in an inability for your insurer to process your claim, in whole or in part.

Insurance Adjuster’s Review of the Claim

Once an auto insurance adjuster has received and reviewed the completed forms, he or she will notify you if more information is needed. If the adjuster views that the claim is valid, he or she will contact you about the benefits you have been approved for and must settle the claim within the time limits stated in the policy. If you are found to have withheld details, however, you may have difficulty with getting the claim processed.

Determining Fault for the Car Accident

Liability for an automobile accident is not determined by the police, though the police may lay charges because of the collision. Liability is determined in part by insurance companies and a set of rules based on previous court decisions. Your insurance premium may increase if you are found to be wholly or partially at fault.

Filing a Car Insurance Claim in Edmonton, Alberta

If you are unsure how to file a car accident claim in Edmonton, your broker at MBS Insurance will be able to walk you through the claims process. We also provide a worksheet on the recommended information to collect after an auto collision. This information is vital to ensuring you receive the compensation you are looking for and to prove the validity of your claim.

To learn more about car insurance claims in Edmonton and surrounding areas of Alberta, speak to your insurance broker today. To report a claim during regular business hours, please contact our office at 780-436-7880.  After hours in the event of an emergency, contact the numbers listed on our claims page.