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Home Insurance Claims

How to File a Home Insurance Claim for Damage in Edmonton, Alberta

Dealing with significant damage to your property can be a stressful and upsetting situation. While panic may be your initial reaction, having comprehensive house insurance will be especially crucial for filing a claim and getting your life back on track. If your house or property has sustained damage in Edmonton, you will want to review your homeowner’s insurance policy coverage as soon as possible. As well, you will need to obtain repair estimates to assess the damage, associated costs, and what your policy will cover. If the repair costs exceed your deductible, then you will want to start the claim process right away.

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Reporting to the Insurer

As the homeowner, you must notify your insurance provider of the loss, prove the loss, and make the damaged property available for inspection within a timely manner. You also must protect the damaged property from further loss. The insurer will ask how the loss occurred, the severity of the damage, if the fire department or police were involved, any steps taken, and other details. An adjuster from the company will be assigned to gather this information for the claim’s investigator.

Proof of Loss Forms for Your Home Insurance Claim in Edmonton

The adjuster will provide you with the appropriate form(s) to complete, sign, and return to make a claim within the required period. You can obtain your property estimate repair or appraisal value of the damage and may be able to claim the amount for a contractor you prefer.  The adjuster or contractor may be able to help you create an inventory and place a value on your personal property. When filling out the proof of loss forms, you should have the following documents on hand to assist with the process:

  • your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • home inventory or similar records
  • photos
  • credit card records,
  • bills and receipts as proof of ownership

If anyone is injured, then additional forms must be completed. Your house insurance also protects from premises liability and personal action liability, as applicable.

An Insurance Adjuster’s Review of the Claim

Upon receiving and reviewing the documentation and validity of your claim, the adjuster will contact you about the amount you have been approved for so you can get started with your chosen contractor. If you and the insurer have arrived at substantially different values for the loss sustained, then a third appraiser may be obtained to help determine the value.

Damage to your home, personal property, and detached structures is covered by your home insurance policy depending on the type of plan you hold. If your home cannot be repaired (e.g., due to a fire), you may have the option to rebuild at your present location, a new location, or forgo rebuilding altogether and still receive a claim payment. You may have coverage for increased living expenses incurred if you need to be out of your home during the repairs or reconstruction. If you are unsure of your current policy, speak to our insurance brokers in Edmonton. Property loss compensation will depend on your policy. Most policies cover the building and its contents. For additional coverage, you may want to inquire about adding a personal articles floater to your policy to include more valuable items.

Personal property claims are settled in different ways, which your adjuster will discuss with you. An actual cash value (ACV) payment upfront may be provided so you can begin replacing the items or direct billing with the vendor who is replacing your goods is possible. For more information about how to prepare your home and your property for disaster, see our guide on the steps you can take in Edmonton.

Filing a Claim through your MBS Insurance Broker

If you require home insurance claims assistance in Edmonton, we are here to help. We will advise you about the steps that may be needed for your specific policy and will walk you through the claims process based on your home insurance.

To file a claim during regular business hours, contact our office directly at (780) 436-7880.

In the event of a significant loss after-hours and emergencies, contact us at the appropriate numbers listed on our claims page for 24-hour assistance.