How Dash Cams Can Benefit Your Insurance... And Your Driving Habits!

A dash cam is a type of video camera that can be installed on your dashboard and that’s designed to record footage while you drive. While installing one won’t directly lower your car insurance premiums, it’s still a smart investment. Here’s how a dash cam can benefit you in the long run!

They can fast-track insurance claims

It’s common for both parties involved in a crash to claim no fault in the accident, in which case you could be held partially liable for someone else’s reckless driving. In such an event, a dash cam can make the difference between an easy insurance claim and a costly, drawn-out one.

Dash cams provide video evidence that can be used to determine who’s really at fault. They can also capture a license plate if the other driver decides to flee.

While insurers often require photos with insurance claims, video footage currently reside in a legal grey area, which means the usefulness of dash cam footage will vary depending on the situation.

They can protect you from insurance fraud

From staged accidents to pedestrians purposefully walking in front of your car, insurance fraud is an all-too-common occurrence. The Insurance Bureau of Canada estimates that insurance fraud costs drivers $1.6 billion a year, and insurers are often forced to increase their rates to cover these costs.

It’s often very difficult to prove insurance fraud. Dash cam footage can sometimes provide hard evidence that you weren’t at fault.

They can help you review your driving habits

Dash cams can help you become a better driver. Sitting down and watching footage of your driving, allows you to review and evaluate your driving habits from the comfort of your home. You might not even be aware of bad habits you have developed over time.

Improving your driving skills means you’re less likely to get into an accident or get pulled over, which could translate to lower insurance premiums down the road.

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