Business Owners Beware: The hidden dangers of online auto insurance

As reported by CTV recently, an Ontario woman learned the hard way about the potential dangers of finding cheap car insurance online. From Toronto to Edmonton, many Canadians have become convinced that finding car insurance online is the only affordable option available to them. If you’re a small business owner, however, this may not be the case.

While traveling down Toronto’s highway 401, small business owner Adrienne Winterhelt got in the first car accident of her thirty years of paying insurance premiums for auto insurance. Although she was, thankfully, not injured, the same couldn’t be said of her van, which required extensive repairs. She had recently switched to a cheaper, online auto insurance company for her insurance needs. When she made her claim, however, she was shocked to learn that the company was voiding her policy because she occasionally used her personal vehicle to make deliveries on behalf of her small business.

This small business owner had thought that she had informed her insurance company of her use of her car for business purposes but did not realize that occasionally delivering her business’s product to customers voided the policy she had bought. According to her insurance company, the moment she delivered a product to a customer in her private vehicle, she was technically driving uninsured.

Adrienne Winterhelt’s unfortunate situation highlights something that we can all learn about the potential risks of buying cheap and quick insurance online. Auto insurance can be a complicated issue for people who have complex lives, like those of small business owners. An insurance broker can ensure you have the right coverage for your needs as a small business owner.

How to find reliable, affordable car insurance in Edmonton

Insurance brokers are insurance experts that can take the burden of complicated contracts and insurance policies off your shoulders. Rather than attempting to understand insurance policies yourself, an insurance broker can find the best option for you, explain it clearly, and work with insurance companies on your behalf to get you the best prices they can, with the right coverage.

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