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Life Insurance in Edmonton – Help Preserve Your Family’s Standard of Living

Purchasing life insurance can seem like an overwhelming process. Many questions are brought to mind. How much life insurance coverage do you need? What policy type will work best for you and your family? Is there another type of coverage you may need? At MBS Insurance Brokers Ltd., we are happy to answer your life insurance questions and find the right policy that fits your needs. We have advisors who are knowledgeable of life insurance in Edmonton and can guide you through the process.

By answering your questions and addressing any concerns, MBS Insurance Brokers Ltd. hopes to make purchasing life insurance as simple and easy as possible.

Our advisors can help you with:

  • Recognizing your personal needs for life insurance
  • Figuring out the exact coverage you need for you and your loved ones
  • Learning the different types of life insurance available
  • Finding a policy that caters to your specific budget, goals, and coverage needs
  • Discovering the options that enhance your policy

Working with Wawanesa Life for Your Life Insurance Needs

When it comes to offering life insurance in Edmonton, MBS Insurance Brokers Ltd. works with renowned and experienced companies. That is why our business has established a working relationship with Wawanesa Life to provide you with a wide range of life insurance products. Since 1960, Wawanesa Life has been a part of the Wawanesa Group of Companies, a group that has been in the insurance business since 1896. Working with Wawanesa Life, MBS Insurance Brokers Ltd. knows we are offering a quality life insurance product to our customers.

Types of Life Insurance Available from MBS Insurance Ltd.

MBS Insurance Brokers Ltd. provides a variety of life insurance coverages for families, businesses, and individuals. Our brokers work tirelessly to find you the life insurance products that suit your specifications. By taking into account factors like age, habits, and income, we can customize an insurance package that meets your standards without going over budget.

Types of life insurance available through MBS Insurance Brokers Ltd. include:

Term life insurance provides coverage benefits for a designated period of time or term of years in the event of the death of the insured.

Often referred to as whole life insurance, permanent life insurance offers lifetime coverage as well as accumulates cash value as time goes by.

A type of permanent life insurance with the flexibility of term life insurance, universal life insurance provides all-in-one coverage. It also offers cash value buildup.

Alternative Policies for Persons with Special Circumstances

Through our relationship with Wawanesa Life, we are also able to offer specialized services to those in particular need.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a life threatening condition such as cancer, MS, a stroke or heart attack, there are will be a number of challenges to overcome. Thanks to modern medicine, chances of making a full recovery from such conditions have never been higher. However, the costs of the necessary treatments are very high, and may exceed the existing health coverage that you have. For these circumstances, we offer a Quick Issue Critical Illness policy that will provide additional coverage on top of any existing coverage that you have. There is an eight question application form for this package, and additional information can be found in this brochure.

Additionally, for those in immediate need, we are able to offer an Instant Issue Life Insurance policy. If you have a medical issue that may impact your eligibility for insurance and are in need of coverage, you may find this package very helpful. There is a quick, five-question application and no medical examination is required.

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