My Teenager Can Drive: Now What?

In Canada, we tend to think of learning how to drive as one of life’s great milestones and gateway to adulthood. For some reason, we assume that learning about auto insurance in the competitive Edmonton market is something you’ll pick up somewhere along the way. While your teen may be ecstatic about their newfound freedom, it’s the parent that usually has to remind them about the responsibility that comes with it. Here are a few tips for managing costs when your teen starts to drive:

Experience matters
Some good news for your teens: the more you drive without an accident, the more quickly your insurance provider will consider you less of a risk. Sorry, Mom and Dad, but it’s actually a good idea for your teen to drive as much as possible (with proper supervision) so he or she can gain the essential experience to be a good driver.

Driving courses help
Some “bad” news for your teens: when your parents tell you that school matters, they’re absolutely right. Let your insurance broker know if your teen takes any driving classes. Your insurance company may lower your rates if your teen takes them with a school that your insurance recognizes. On average, driving lessons in Edmonton cost around $550, so make it count by having it save you money in the long run.

Don’t be too flashy
Some good news for everyone: don’t worry if you don’t have your dream car. Really flashy, expensive cars often bring with them higher premiums. Having your teen share the family car can be the safer option and teach them valuable lessons about responsibility. If you do already have a dream car, be sure to put your teen driver on the insurance even if he or she isn’t allowed to drive it. You never know what will happen.

Educate your teenager about insurance
Some educational news for everyone: when your teen starts to drive, it can be an excellent opportunity to teach your teen about the responsibility of car insurance. Not all policies you can find in Edmonton are ideal for teen drivers, so make sure to talk to your personal insurance broker at MBS Insurance to review your options for your family’s insurance needs.

At MBS Insurance Brokers, we know that when a teen starts to drive it’s both great news and a bit worrying at first. To be sure that your family has the car insurance it needs to be protected at some of the most competitive rates in Edmonton, contact us today.