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Combine Your Insurance for Substantial Savings

Property Insurance Discounts

Our brokers dedicate themselves to making obtaining home insurance in Edmonton much more comfortable and more affordable for both first-time and experienced home buyers. We offer comprehensive policies tailored to meet your needs, ensuring that your home or condo is protected to provide you with greater peace of mind. To help lower the cost of your policy, we also offer several property insurance discounts in Edmonton.

home insurance in Edmonton

Multi-Policy Discounts

If you have both your property and auto policy insured with the same insurance company, you could save between 10-15%.

Loyalty/Renewal Discounts

Insurance companies reward you for your loyalty with discounts between 2-10% if you have your insurance with them for a minimum of 3 years.

New Home Discounts

Insurance companies offer up to 25% off if your house is brand new. Note that the discount will decrease as your home gets older.

Mature Homeowners

Mature discounts for your property policy range between 10-15% and can start as early as age 30.

Mortgage-Free Discounts

Being mortgage-free entitles you to a discount between 10-15% with most insurance companies.

Fire/Burglary Alarm Discounts

Centrally monitored fire and burglary alarm discounts are anywhere between 5-15%.

Claims-Free Discounts

If you have been continuously claims-free for a minimum of 3 years, you are eligible for a discount between 5-23%.

We Have Property Insurance Discounts for You

At MBS Insurance, we understand that every penny matters for homeowners. Between your mortgage payments, home improvement projects, and other financial responsibilities, saving any amount of money would be beneficial as you work to cover your expenses. To help lower your insurance payments, we can bundle your home and auto policies and provide more information on how to become eligible for other discounts. Talk to your home insurance broker today by calling 780.436.7880 and start saving on your home insurance!