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How much is home insurance in Edmonton?

How Much is House Insurance in Edmonton?

MBS Insurance Brokers are committed to finding you the best house insurance in Edmonton to cover your needs.  Contact us today to discuss your circumstances and requirements.  Many factors can affect the cost of house insurance in Edmonton.  The factors include:

Location of Your Home

Cost to Rebuild Your Home

Age and Condition of Your Home

Unique Features of Your Home

Your Home’s Use

Claims History

Credit History


Mortgage Status

How Long You Have Lived in the Home

Our team commits to always finding you the best rate to fit your needs while factoring the many variables that affect the cost of house insurance.

Discounts up to 50% are available if you are:

  • Claims-Free
  • In a New Home
  • A Loyal Client
  • Mortgage-Free
  • Have a Premises Alarm
  • Have Multiple Policies with Us
  • Have Personal Umbrella Policies with Us

Contact one of our insurance brokers today to revise your home insurance policy

how much is home insurance

Affordable Edmonton House Insurance

MBS Insurance works on your behalf with leading insurance providers to present you with different options suitable to your specific home insurance needs. Our professionals will recommend coverage and answer all questions you may have regarding our policies. We offer:

  • 24-Hour Claims Service

  • Various payment options

  • Optional article floater protection

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Our team of expert brokers are here to help you find the most affordable house insurance policy that meets all your needs.  Call us today at 780.436.7880 or request a free quote online today!