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Snowmobile Insurance Keeps You Protected While You Ride

The most Reliable Snowmobile Insurance

Liability snowmobile insurance in Edmonton and throughout Alberta is mandatory for any on or off-trail snowmobiling.  It is not a car, but just like any high-speed motorized vehicle in Alberta, a snowmobile requires proper insurance to operate. MBS Insurance offers various coverage plans to ensure that your next snowmobile adventure is safe and free from worry. Know what to do and be prepared!

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Can You Help Me Insure My Snowmobile?

We provide snowmobile insurance for all kinds of snowmobiles.  We only offer snowmobile insurance if they are only used for personal recreational use and not for racing purposes. You do not want to be left without any coverage if you are in an accident.  Set out for adventure with the peace of mind knowing that your snowmobile is adequately insured with MBS Insurance.

Snowmobile Insurance in Edmonton

It is essential to have proper insurance for your snowmobile throughout the entire year.  Snowmobiles are valuable items that are vulnerable to theft and fire no matter what season it happens to be. You need an insurance policy that will go beyond just collision-related losses. A comprehensive snowmobile insurance policy will keep your snowmobile protected in the event of a fire, flood, theft, vandalism, or even if you are in an accident that is not your fault (such as an animal collision).

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If you are planning to ride a snowmobile on public lands, you must fulfill the following requirements to register your snowmobile:

  • Proof of ownership documentation
  • Acceptable ID
  • Proof of valid insurance

Laws, Rules, and Regulations for All Snowmobilers in Alberta

In Alberta, everyone who operates a snowmobile on public land must first and foremost have proper snowmobile insurance.  At all times, you, passengers, and persons being towed must wear a safety-approved helmet.  To independently operate a snowmobile, the rider must be at least 14 years old.  Just like any motorized vehicle in the province of Alberta, operating your snowmobile under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden.

Speak with a Dedicated Broker Any Time You Have Questions

Our experienced insurance brokers know all Alberta requirements for proper snowmobile insurance.  Contact our team today at 780.436.7880 to speak directly with a dedicated broker our request a free quote online here!