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Travel Trailer Insurance in Edmonton

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MBS Insurance offers trailer and RV insurance in Edmonton and surrounding areas. RV insurance generally refers to protection for recreational vehicles, whether they are vacation trailers, campers, or motorhomes. These types of units require slightly different kinds of insurance coverage that is a unique mix between car and home insurance. There is a simultaneous need to cover your personal belongings inside the unit, as well as the actual unit itself.

Motorhome Insurance

How Do I Qualify for RV Insurance in Edmonton?

There are no specific criteria or requirements for motorhome insurance in Edmonton; however, many motorhome packages require the driver to be at least 25 years old. It is best to discuss this with one of our brokers as there are additional options available for drivers who may not yet be 25 or have a perfect driving record.

Specialty RV policies are like having two insurance policies in one.  RV insurance policies protect your motorhome like car insurance does and would include third-party liability. It also protects the motorhome itself, as well as the belongings inside it, like home insurance would.

Top Rated Trailer Insurance in Edmonton

We offer an extensive range of options for Trailer Insurance in Edmonton.  Travel trailers and fifth-wheel trailers do not fit on an automobile policy since technically they are not a vehicle with an engine. However, they do not quite fit on a home policy either because they have wheels. Travel trailer insurance policies include coverage for the unit itself and your personal belongings inside. 

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Trailer Insurance

What is Usually Covered in a Policy?

Unlike typical auto or home insurance, motorhome or trailer policies can offer additional coverage for emergencies while you are using the vehicle.  For example, if your motorhome is damaged and unusable while you were camping, the policy can offer coverage for you to stay in a hotel until you can have the unit repaired or can make the necessary arrangements to get back home. Choose the type of coverage you want:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost – If you write off your unit, you will get a brand-new unit like yours with no limit.
  • Standard Replacement Cost – If you write off your unit, you will get a brand-new unit like yours up to the insured amount
  • Actual Cash Value – If you write off your unit, you will only get back what you could have sold the unit for.

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Our team of brokers are familiar with the different options for motorhome, RV, or trailer insurance.  If you are looking for insurance for a new vehicle or looking for a new competitive quote, call MBS at 780-436-7880 to speak with a dedicated broker or request a quote online here!