Spring Cleaning Checklist to Help Prevent Insurance Claims

Many people think of spring cleaning as an opportunity to declutter and refresh their home. However, it’s also a chance to inspect the house and spot potential issues that could turn into home insurance claims. Here are eight areas of your home that you should examine as well as some spring cleaning tips to ensure that they’re functional and hazard free.

  1. Roof. Look for any leaks, missing shingles or other damage. Left alone, these issues can cause serious and expensive-to-fix water damage. Get a professional to help.
  1. Gutters. Your gutters and downspouts are meant to redirect water away from your home’s foundation. If they’re clogged or dented, they may malfunction and cause water infiltration.
  1. Yard. Any shrubs or branches that touch your home could cause excessive humidity buildup. In addition, weak branches and tree limbs should be removed before they fall on someone or damage your property.
  1. Driveway and walkways. Uneven and cracked surfaces are tripping hazards. Fixing them will reduce the risk of someone falling and hurting themselves, which could expose you to a liability claim.
  1. Hot water tank. Look for dripping, cracking and corrosion. However, remember that hot water tank problems don’t always have external signs. The best thing to do is to check the serial number to see whether your hot water tank is older than 10 years. If it is, have it inspected or consider replacing it.
  1. Smoke detectors. To be on the safe side, change the batteries in every smoke detector in your home every six months. If you have a carbon monoxide detector, change the batteries in it as well.
  1. Dryer vent hose. Check your dryer’s vent hose for accumulated lint. Lint that escaped the lint trap represents a serious fire hazard, and most people don’t think to check the hose.
  1. Windows and doors. Cracks in caulking and worn out weather stripping need to be repaired. This is because these problems can lead to heat loss, condensation and mould. Over time, these issues may necessitate a window or door replacement.

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