7 Ways to Spruce up your Yard this Summer That Will Also Keep You Safe

In summer, it’s important to clean up your yard regularly. Not only does this allow you and your family to enjoy your property to the fullest on sunny days, it also helps to ward off risks posed by high temperatures and summer storms. By performing these seven summer clean-up tasks, not only will you spruce up your yard, you’ll also make it much safer and reduce any liabilities.  

  1. Rake the leaves

Dead leaves are detrimental to the health of your lawn, detract from its appearance and, being flammable, they pose a fire risk.

  1. Clean the gutters

As summer wears on, more and more debris will build up in the gutters. If they get too full, water will overflow and begin to pool on your roof, which can cause leaks.

  1. Remove clutter

Clutter around your house and yard is not only an eyesore but it poses various safety risks. The more stuff that’s lying around, the greater the odds that your kids and their friends will trip on something or knock something over and become injured.

  1. Remove weeds

Weeds mar the appearance of your lawn and steal water, nutrients and sunlight from your plants. On top of this, if left to grow around drainage systems and storm drains, they can be the cause flooding. You can learn more about different types of water damage insurance coverage here.

  1. Inspect trees for damage

Damaged tree limbs can break off during windstorms and damage surrounding structures. If you spot any damage, have your tree pruned by a professional arborist to reduce any hazards.

  1. Clean out the shed

If you have a shed in your yard, keep it tidy. Clutter in your shed is a potential fire hazard, especially if you have flammable materials stored inside. Also, keep your shed free of sawdust and dust bunnies as they too are highly flammable.

  1. Wash the deck

Thoroughly wash your deck to keep it looking pristine and to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. If you have a wood deck, check the condition of the wood and sand and repaint as needed — you don’t want anyone getting splinters this summer!

If you clean up your property, it will look great, be safer and may even help you save money on your home insurance. A decreased risk of property damage means you’re less likely to file a damage claim that will raise your insurance rates. Also, it is important to mention, if you’ve just built a brand new deck it should be reported to your insurance broker immediately.

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