Preparing for Summer Storms Can Help You Save in the Long Run!

Summer isn’t all sunny days. In fact, you can count on the occasional storm, complete with heavy rainfall, strong winds and lightning strikes. To protect your house from storm damage, doing a bit of home maintenance at the beginning of the season goes a long way. And certain improvements such as installing a lightning rod or replacing your roof can even earn you a discount on your home insurance and will undoubtedly prevent you from having to file a claim should Mother Nature unleash her wrath!

Here are six summer maintenance tasks that are certainly worth the trouble!

  1. Clean out your gutters

Over time, gutters and downspouts amass a nice collection of leaves, twigs and dirt. This buildup can hinder drainage and cause water to settle around your roof and house. This can lead to water damage which could cause you to have to file a claim.

  1. Inspect your roof

While you’ve got the ladder out, check the condition of your roof shingles. Worn or warped shingles can crack and permit water to leak into your home.

  1. Seal windows and doors

Water can also get into your home through poorly sealed windows and doors. Inspect your caulking and reseal in places where the seal is cracked,  brittle or where you notice water leaking through.

  1. Trim your trees

Loose branches can damage your home in heavy windstorms. Old and rotting trees need to be removed completely, and precarious branches need to be pruned.

  1. Inspect the foundation

Thoroughly inspect your home’s foundation for cracks. Even minor fissures can lead to seepage and, as a result, water damage. Moreover, they will only get bigger with time, causing the scope of the problem to increase. Be sure to repair cracks as soon as you notice them.

  1. Install a lightning rod

If you have a tall tree, you may want to consider getting a lightning rod installed. The taller a tree is relative to the trees and structures around it, the more at risk it is of being struck by lightning. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that tall trees growing within three metres of a structure have lightning protection, as they constitute a fire hazard.


Speak With a Broker About Home Insurance in Edmonton!

Staying on top of your home and yard maintenance helps reduce the odds of storm damage occurring. However, eliminating all risk is impossible. That’s where home insurance comes in. The team at MBS Insurance Brokers helps you get customized insurance in Edmonton that covers you against storm damage and provides discounts where applicable. For more information about our services or about insurance claims for storm damage, reach out to our team today.