Types of Water Damage: The Difference Between Water Damage & Overland Water Damage Coverage

In the eyes of your insurance provider, not all water damage is created equal. In fact, your standard home insurance policy is likely to cover specific types of water damage but could leave you high and dry if Edmonton gets hit with any major flooding.

Keep reading to learn more about the difference between water damage and overland water, the types of water and flood damage and how working with a broker can save you money.

Standard Water Damage Coverage

Not only can extensive water damage render your home uninhabitable, but the costs associated with repairing the damage can add up quickly. You can protect your home and assets with insurance, but only if you’re adequately covered.

The types of water damage covered by the typical home insurance policy typically includes unforeseen damage caused by:

  • Burst pipes (unless pipes are frozen)
  • Malfunctioning taps
  • Improper pipe connections
  • Hot water tank failures
  • Appliance failures

In many home insurance policies, sewer backup coverage is considered optional. This means that you may not be covered in the event of water damage resulting from a sudden back up of the drains, pipes, septic systems or sewers.  If you’re concerned, contact your insurance broker immediately for more information about your coverage.

Overland Water Can Get Overlooked

Overland water includes any water damage resulting from an overflow of a nearby lake, pond, river or heavy rainfall or run-off. Overland water coverage is not included in standard home insurance policies and needs to be purchased separately.

Many homeowners believe that the water damage listed in their insurance policy will protect them in the event of a major flood, but this is rarely the case. To ensure that you’re adequately covered, review your insurance documents or speak to your insurance broker for additional clarity.

Insurance Coverage: Brokers Are Your Best Friend!

For most people, choosing an insurance policy can be a daunting task. It involves sorting through a vast amount of information, learning the lingo and weighing several different options and tiers of coverage. An experienced insurance broker can help you choose the right amount of coverage for your needs. They know the risks associated with your area and which insurance products are best suited to apartments and condos versus detached homes.  At MBS Insurance Brokers, our team not only works in the Edmonton area but they live here as well. Who else is better suited to understand the specific needs of the community?

Let’s Talk About Home Insurance Coverage in Edmonton

For more information on the difference between water damage and overland water insurance, and how to get the most comprehensive home insurance policy for your needs, contact one of the professionals at MBS Insurance Brokers. Our Edmonton brokers are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide or to request a free home insurance quote.