Understanding Your Insurance: What to Do If You Back Into Your Own Garage Door

Filling an insurance claim isn’t always so cut and dry. Some cases require careful consideration and possibly the help of a third-party professional. One major question we’ve often heard is “But what do I do if I cause damage to my own property?” and even more often, “who will cover the cost of the damage?” These are both excellent questions. Generally when you file a claim, it’s against somebody else. But what do you if you have to file a claim against yourself? One of the most common incidents like these occurs when a driver backs into their own garage door. You might laugh, but we here at MBS Insurance Brokers Ltd know just how common it is to have to file a claim against your own auto or home insurance in Edmonton.

Who pays for the damage?

In an accident like this, there is no second party. So the question becomes: which of my policies is responsible for covering the cost? Let’s begin by gaining a basic understanding of your general insurance policies.

Car insurance

There are three basic types of car insurance in Canada: comprehensive, liability and collision.

  1. Comprehensive: this type covers any and all incidents that are unrelated to the driver of the vehicle (theft, vandalism, etc.).
  2. Liability: liability insurance is reserved for coverage related to any bodily harm that might have been sustained by the other party involved.
  3. Collision: collision insurance covers damage done to the car by an impact to another vehicle or object.

So based on these three, collision insurance will cover the damage sustained by your vehicle, but who covers the cost of the garage door?

Homeowners insurance

Your car insurance will in no way cover the damage sustained by your garage door, but fortunately, you also have homeowners insurance! This will cover the damage caused to your house.

What steps do I take next?

Next you would need to follow the basic steps to filling any insurance claim (even though it’s against yourself):

  • Contact the insurance companies: A benefit of having both your home and auto insurance with the same brokerage is that often it will be the same company for both home and auto insurance.
  • Document the damages: take pictures and carefully inspect all the damage.
  • Have your claim reviewed by the insurance company: your provider will investigate the claim and make sure it’s valid.
  • Reimbursement: if your insurance company determines that the claim is valid, it will reimburse you for the amount of the damages.

If you need help filling a claim, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at MBS Insurance Brokers Ltd. We’ll make sure the process is as pain free as possible. For more information regarding the lowest rates on your auto and home insurance, visit our website today.